What do clients say about their experience?

One year after a smoking cessation treatment:

“The biggest thing that helped was I had no cravings which I still find hard to believe. I have just passed the one year as a non-smoker… Many thanks again.”

After sessions for stress and anxiety:

“I have just recommended you to a friend. Life is much easier now. I am convinced it is all down to your mentoring.”

After treatment for a spider phobia:

“I am forever in your debt – I can look at a spider and think it’s beautiful”

After a treatment via Skype to resolve past trauma:

“Oh my God you are a wonder woman. I have felt very well and super renewed since our call!!”

After treatment for general anxiety:

“Catherine Deans has changed my life. I have transformed my life as a direct result of Catherine’s inspirational work. My greatest transformation was conquering my fear of the unknown. I now step proudly into every situation with great trust and confidence. This lady is unique in her abilities and her approach to hypnotherapy. It is my pleasure to have met her.

After buying my book Snouffles – Stories for Confidence and Peace

“Your book was so very helpful for my great niece and worked for her. So very pleased I bought it.”