About Cath Deans

Becoming a Hypnotherapist

I first became interested in hypnotherapy whilst studying psychology at university. My Counselling Psychology lecturer was a hypnotherapist and he taught us students some techniques.  I had been experiencing tinnitus and so, after one of his lessons I went home, hypnotised myself and tried out one of the techniques to deal with it. I was blown away by the result! I then tried out different techniques with different issues with the same success. I knew then that I wanted to become a hypnotherapist.

After leaving University I worked as an auxiliary nurse to save up to train with the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy. The LCCH, now called LCCH International, are one of the largest hypnotherapy training colleges with centres across the U.K. and abroad. They are very well respected due to their high standard of training.

By 1998 I had completed both my Certificate and Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and begun clinical practice.

Continuing Professional Development

Since then, I have continued with my professional development; constantly updating my skills by attending many specialist training courses. One of the most useful of these has been training in Non Violent Communication. The practice of Non Violent Communication enables the individual to communicate with greater authenticity, increases understanding, deepens connections and helps to resolve conflict. I particularly enjoy passing on these skills to children, parents and those who work with children.

I have been on more training courses than I can list here. All of them have been valuable in one way or another. However, I truly feel that the greatest teacher has been the shared experience of working with my clients. Every single one has taught me something about how best to facilitate the transformation that people are searching for when they choose hypnosis.  And most importantly these experiences have taught me that all things are possible. Never underestimate the power of your own mind.

I feel very grateful to all my past clients who, through their trust in me, have allowed me to develop and grow as a facilitator for transformation. There is nothing more satisfying than helping people to transform their lives.

Stress Management Training

In 2002 I completed an OCR Diploma in Stress Management. This was an in depth training course that equipped me to train people in the workplace in managing workplace stress.  I followed that by attending the government’s Health and Safety Executive training on workplace stress for health and safety consultants.

Becoming an Author and a Teacher

In 2001 I had my first child, and then in 2003 my second arrived. Although I had always had a particular interest in helping children with their emotions, after having my own I became much more motivated to develop resources for schools, parents and carers. I could see that there was a real need for support for busy people. I decided to train to be a primary school teacher so that I could really understand what was needed and what would also work in the fast paced school environment.

The result was ‘Snouffles – Stories for Confidence and Peace’; a set of six stories which increase self-esteem, self-awareness and empathy for both adult and child. Through following the adventures of the Snouffles, you get to see and understand the progression through form thoughts, to feelings and then to behaviour. They illustrate how misunderstandings and faulty thinking create uncomfortable emotions and teaches new ways of thinking and behaving that lead to better relationships, greater self-esteem and a happier way of life.

I am now in the process of writing more Snouffles stories. For more information on ‘Snouflles – stories for Confidence and Peace’ go to http://www.snouffles.com

International Hypnotherapist

I currently work remotely with clients from West Yorkshire and also with those who live too far away to physically meet up with me. After initial reservations, I have found that I really enjoy connecting and working with clients from all around the world!

My main reservation was about the quality of emotional connection possible through a computer screen and that has proved to be no problem at all. My other reservation was about the quality of internet connection and, although there have been moments where the internet connection has been lost, it has not impacted on the success of the sessions at all. So now I am happy to connect with you, wherever you are in the world, as long as you speak English of course!