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Imagine a future without the problem that has got you searching for a hypnotherapist. What difference would it make to your life to be free of the problem? Would you experience a great sense of relief? How much easier and enjoyable would life be? You have a choice right now – to continue battling on, not living your best life or to get the help you need to make the most of this life.

If your car or boiler wasn’t working properly you would pay for an expert to sort out the problem. Now is the time to invest in yourself by getting the expert help that you need. Why wait? Time is too precious to make excuses.

I became a hypnotherapist more than 20 years ago because I believed that it was the most efficient way to help people to reach their goals and become the best version of themselves. I have been constantly impressed by its ability to transform lives.

If you would like a highly professional service that is expertly tailored to your needs then call me, Cath Deans on 07968 735922 or email me at cathdeans11@gmail.com

Located in Leeds city centre – just a 5 minute walk from Leeds train station and in Huddersfield, just off the ring road.

My compassionate and non-judgmental approach enables clients to feel comfortable and at ease; particularly in their first session, where it is common to arrive feeling a little apprehensive.

In the 20+ years that I have been working I have accrued a vast amount of experience treating a wide range of issues. Stress management, relief from anxiety, smoking cessation, freedom from phobias, raising self-esteem, performance confidence, conflict resolution and children’s issues are just a few of the areas that I have enjoyed great success with.

I have a degree in psychology as well as diplomas in clinical hypnotherapy and stress management.  I offer traditional hypnotherapy treatments, however, I also have a belief that we operate on many levels, including the spiritual level and offer sessions to those who wish to explore ideas such as past life experience and manifestation. The choice is yours.

Additional skills used within sessions are  EMDR, EFT, NLP and Non Violent Communication (conflict resolution). I am also a  trained facilitator for the Transformation Game.

I have full membership of the BSCH.